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This website is part of a dual-stack network. You can access it through IPv4 or IPv6. IPv6 connectivity is established via an IPv6 tunneling service from Hurricane Electric since my ISP (Odido) is not up to date with latest technologies :-( I chose HE after trying many others. They are able to give pretty good bandwidth with low latency. They also offer a dutch connection so that some localized services (netflix for example) give same result through ipv4 and ipv6. There are however websites that censor certain ipv6 subnets. Like microsoft copilot for example. They block whole /48 subnets from HE, just like zilverenkruis.nl, centraalbeheer.nl and others.

Additionally, this website is certified by internet.nl.

Your IP address is and is stored for future (ab)use ;-)

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